Individual Counseling
Have you realized that you need to increase your support system by adding professional help? Whether you know exactly what you need or just know that it's time for a change and not sure how, contact me and I can help you identify the goals you'd like to work towards.

Couples Counseling
Pre-marital, married, separated, or divorced and co-parenting, sometimes couples need a little help communicating, resolving conflict or learning new ways to engage each other. I will be on the side of the relationship while helping you to restore or create a better 'us'. We are here when you feel the need for pre-marital counseling or couples counseling.

Teen Counseling
Depression, bullying, self-esteem, substance abuse, eating disorders, teen cutting and coping with divorce are just some reasons teens need more support and a safe place to talk.

Family sessions and Christian counseling are also available.

Welcome to the Small Victories Counseling. I am all about celebrating the little things in life that lead to great things like, peace of mind. I believe in acknowledging our shortcomings, championing our successes and acknowledging the whole person.
Body, mind and spirit.